Blue Wolf Sales & Service, Inc.

Over 35 years ago Blue Wolf Cleaner and Degreaser got it’s start in the mining industry.  As miners witnessed the effectiveness of Blue Wolf they began to bring it home to their wives who discovered that nothing else would get the clothes of their husbands or the carpets in their homes as clean as Blue Wolf.

​Today Blue Wolf continues to be used in industry as well as in households all across this country. In fact, in the last four years, sales of Blue Wolf have doubled as more and more folks are discovering that it really does Clean Faster, Easier, and Cheaper!

Who Is Blue Wolf?

We pride ourselves on developing chemical tools for customers all across the nation which lower costs, increase productivity, and safely clean.
Blue Wolf Sales and Service, Inc. has been providing high quality professional products since 1986 and we continue to apply best industry practices. With our Research and Development Department it is our mission to continue to develop products our customers need based on the reputation our customers have came to know and rely upon.
At Blue Wolf we stand behind our products.  That is why we tell our customers:  “if you are dissatisfied with our product, we will either refund your purchase, replace your product, educate on alternative ways to use the product, or try to find an alternative that better suits your needs.”
Blue Wolf Sales and Service’s mission is to develop and deliver products to the consumer and industry which provide value and greatly exceed expectations.

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Meet The Owners

Danny Sean Lester
Danny Sean LesterOwner/President
Jeff Cline
Jeff ClineOwner/Vice President

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