A new clean on the scene.

Doesn't Clean.
Blue Wolf Does.

Manufactured in the USA with the intensity to clean almost anything, Blue Wolf is on the spot at work and at home, giving you products that work — no muscle needed.

At Blue Wolf we believe in our products and that cleaning should be easy. If a customer is dissatisfied, we replace, refund, or educate on alternative product methods and solutions.

Our Story

Over 35 years ago Blue Wolf Cleaner and Degreaser got its start in the mining industry. Its on the spot effectiveness drove miners to bring it into their homes, where they soon realized there was nothing else that could get their clothes, carpets, grills, and vinyl siding as clean as Blue Wolf.

Today, more and more folks are turning to Blue Wolf as they realize that a job well done doesn't have to make you sweat. Blue Wolf is a fast and easy clean that leaves you with more time for the moments that matter.

Purpose and Values

We pride ourselves on developing safe chemical tools for an easy clean nationwide. We're invested in providing value, and sharing in your values of a job well done. Whether you need an all-purpose cleaner that can do everything you need for your company or are looking for something specific for your home project, our cleaners are the tools you can trust and rely on.

Blue Wolf is a national brand with a local heart. Since 1986 we have cared for local communities by nationally offering free supplies to shelters, and aid to those affected by natural disasters — always on the spot with an easy job well done.