Blue Wolf Services

Blue Wolf’s mission is to develop and deliver products to the consumer and industry which provide value and greatly exceed expectations.  Delivering our products to the consumer and industry also involves services like private labeling and Blue Wolf Safety Floors.  As we continue to grow, we will continue to offer as many opportunities as possible in order to best serve our customers.  On this page you can find more information about our current services.

Private Labeling

Custom Products

Blue Wolf Private Labeling allows you to tailor to your customer's needs.

Perfect For All Product Ideas

Work with us to create products that your customers need!

Custom Labels

Develop or use existing branding to go to the next level with your customers.

Make Your Content Stand Out

Blue Wolf has its own label printer and we can customize products to best fit your target market!

Growing Selection

We offer incredible top performing products in an ever growing product line!

Choose from top notch product categories and specialty products!

Blue Wolf is always creating new products and product categories.  You can work with us to decide what products are best for you.

Negotiable Minimums

Blue Wolf personalizes the order experience, and that includes minimum purchases.

Order Various Quantities

We understand that order minimums can get steep, and that is why we discuss minimums with customers on a case-by-case basis.

Safety Floors

Blue Wolf Safety Floor is a slip-resistant treatment that can increase the traction of your wet, slippery floors. Whether you’re a restaurant owner with a slippery floor problem, a hotel owner who’s trying to avoid accidents around the pool or your bathrooms, a bank manager who’s had a few close calls in the foyer, or a homeowner wanting to keep their home safe, Safety Floor is the best way to keep your guests safe from the leading cause of accidental injury in the United States. Did we also mention it works on bathtubs and showers!